Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

JetBus and Evobus ,a newest fleet of 2011 buses tourism GeGe transwisata

JetBus 2011
Evobus 2011
JetBus and Evobus is part of a new fleet of 2011 buses gege transwisata tourism is one of the largest bus operators in Yogyakarta, tourism is the basic operation of a tourist bus service and express gege transwisata across Java, Sumatra, Bali, Lombok, as well as a comprehensive network under griya group. Gege transwisata tourism bus services play a vital role in helping people to access tourism destinations, education, health, shopping and tourism .Bus gege transwisata has invested considerable funds in new vehicles,at last new three-year .Bus gegetranswisata designed to fully sake of convenience passengers and the smoothness of the journey with the presence and jetbus evobus fleet.
Prioritize the customer is first priority gege transwisata tourist buses. We continue to focus closely on the recruitment and training of employees, as well as improved passenger information and the overall customer experience, it's all for the sake of customer satisfaction.
gegetranswisata tourist buses are working hard to improve the quality, reliability and frequency of bus service to offer a realistic alternative use of transport and help reduce crodit .The step Bus priority measures gegetranswisata tourism is vital to achieving this goal and the management team gegetranswisata tourist buses working in partnership with government to improve local bus services tourism.
As a concrete step we now present jetbus gegetranswisata tourist buses and bus evobus is the latest generation of tourism. evobus jetbus and perfect for travel, as it uses air system spring suspension system which will dampen any vibrations.

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