Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

Latest Tourism Bus 2011, Best with friendly service

One of the benefits bus Gege Transport Yogyakarta can we presented to the consumer is the friendly service, smiles and feelings as family. During you enjoy our services, we are a part is like a big family around the your area .The Clean Gege Transport bus will always be awake. You will witness the appearance of a bus tire will always be clean, because our crew will always shined the tires when the bus departs from the garage or the hotel where you stay.
By applying a standard procedure standard service, management hopes you enjoy your trip feel like home self. With newest bus fleet of 2011 buses jet, Evobus, Travego, New Travego We are sure you will feel the pleasure of the tourist bus you've never felt before. Why?, because during the trip you will not feel tired because the shape of the seat corresponding to the sitting posture we your adapter .Designs seat of an airplane seat shape. You can save the stock of drinks or snacks in front of you. You can also set the slope of the back of your body.
If you have never felt the sensation of Gege Transport bus ride, then plan a trip together with us. Contact your Travel tourism bureau for your trust and then use the transportation service from Gege Transport. Our advice, do not you get stuck at a low price because every cheap price there are certainly elements are omitted. A pride if we can serve you because we sell quality not quantity service. If service you find it difficult to make plans, then the tour organizerwww.gegetransport.com partner work we are ready Organizer helps you. Partner tour we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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